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It's not just about the numbers, we know what your money needs. 

About Us


MSC Ltd is an internationally owned Mining Company with a multi-billion-dollar diamond resources base , multi million reserves base and a strong production growth profile from their diamond mines in Coromandel Region, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Our mission is to mine precious stones profitably and responsibly and our vision is to be a highly recognized diamond mining company focused on growing sustainable production, delivering on our commitments for excellence and valuing and developing our employees.


Zero Harm - Zero harm to our employees, the environment and communities is our goal.

Dignity and Respect – Equal treatment and opportunity for all employees with transparent processes founded on dignity and respect and encouraging a sense of ownership.

Sustainability – Sustainable growth supported by a safe, profitable and socially responsible business while developing long-term resources.

Collaboration – Productive and ethical working relationships, transparent and responsive dialogue with surrounding communities and public agencies for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Excellence – A commitment to focus on a culture of best business practices.



MSC’s executive team and directors have the technical, construction, operations and financial experience to advance the company’s assets and build a leading diamond producer.


The team has decades of experience but has retained an entrepreneurial spirit, allowing the Company to remain nimble and creative in its approach to evaluating and executing on new opportunities.


MSC’s success as a company, in the communities in which it operates, is contingent on its reputation for sound corporate governance and ethical business practices. MSC’s leadership team has built a strong reputation in the industry, managing both its companies and projects to the highest standards with a clear commitment to governance, responsible mining and transparent communication.

MSC’s executives and directors have also personally invested Millions of dollars, ensuring the interest of investors and MSC’s leadership team are aligned.


Increasing production and exploration upside MSC has the potential to produce more than 450’000 carat of diamonds per year from its existing asset base, Coromandel MSC Diamond Mines ramping up to commercial production and Phase 1 production next to coromandel targeted for first quarter-2022.


The Area also can be used to produce up to 56 Million Tons of Sand, 20 Million Tons of Clay, which can be sold to Building and Constructing sector. Plus hundreds of Million Tons of Resin which can be sold as fertilizer for the Agriculture sector

The Company is also exploring and optimizing all of its projects with the objective of extending the mine life and potentially increasing production.

Our Misson


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Our Environment:

Carefully planning each stage of development. 
MSC is committed to operating with integrity and implementing best practices in responsible mining. Operating responsibly takes careful planning and requires the commitment of all team members, from the directors to the geologists to the camp manager who implements a recycling program.

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